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Automated Clearing House (also referred to as ACH) is the network that processes electronic financial transactions in the United States. This contains large volumes of credit and debit transactions in batches from a variety of different types of organizations and businesses. Examples of ACH credit transactions would include direct deposit payroll and payments to vendors made electronically. ACH direct debit transfer examples include consumer payments on things like insurance premiums, mortgage loans, cell phone bills and other monthly types of expenses. Debit transactions also include new applications such as the Point-of-Purchase (POP) with debit and/or ATM cards or electronic check conversions where the merchant scans your check, converts it to an ACH item and then gives your check back to you.

ACH services allow your business to make and receive payments of all kinds without the inconvenience of cutting or depositing paper checks. Payment types include:

  • Direct deposit of payroll
  • Pre-authorized debits
  • Payments to vendors
  • Corporate-to-corporate payments
  • Tax payments

The benefits of ACH are significant. It’s convenient, cost-effective and provides fast access to funds. It also reduces the risk inherent in dealing with checks. In accordance with the rules and regulations of ACH, no financial institution may issue an ACH transaction towards an account, be it debit or credit, without authorization from the recipient.